Case Study

William Blair

Spotlight On

  • Emerging Leaders
  • Cultural Shift That Elevates Performance
  • Aligning Strategy With A Bold Vision

The Predictable

A reputable mid-market investment bank was good but not yet great, let alone history-making. VSA boldly challenged the Directors, MDs, and Partners to break out of their comfort zone.

The VSA Program

VSA engaged over 100 directors, MDs, and partners in generating a bold, yet authentic future where they declared themselves as: “the premier investment bank in the world.”

VSA facilitated their leaders in strategy mapping their bold future and provided both group and individual executive coaching throughout the engagement to implement and realize this unprecedented future.

The Breakthrough

Previously a mid-tier, mid-market investment bank, our client went from number 15 to number 1 in the world in sell-side M&A deals up to $2 billion. In that sector, they moved ahead of bulge bracket banks Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Chase, and Bank of America. Our client exceeded their 5-year target in 2.5 years and increased revenue by 300%. In the 2020 pandemic year, after the Q2 economy pull back, they went on to have their best year ever, and exceeded that by 140% in 2021. The Head of the Bank called VSA  consulting “their secret sauce.”

In addition, the culture demonstrably and palpably elevated trust, collaboration, integrity and inspiration and both clients and bankers said so.